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We are a group of talented individuals that prioritized quality of quantity. Dedicated to provide our clients with satisfaction for their business brand.

About Our Business

We are a creative digital agency in Cebu, Philippines specializing in mobile app, design, website development and digital marketing, Caters from Small, Medium to Large Businesses. Serving and prioritizing local clients. Our experience and expertise allow us to develop tailored solutions for each client. Our team of gifted individuals and designers work tirelessly to create an idea and see it through the process. Our goal is to establish start-up businesses with ease with our affordable Website Development and Digital Marketing packages.

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URLX’s arrange your company’s goal and organized real-time milestone to achieve the set of goals. Get found on the web! With our Digital Marketing Packages

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on how large the website is, for further discussion you can email us info@urlxweb.com and will contact you once our system verifies it.

Domain name is what you see on the url address of a browser e.g. “www.yourbrandname.com”. Prices vary of TLDs like .com is cheaper range to 200php – 500php yearly. While .ph range from 2500php – 3000php yearly.

Hosting is where you store or saved all of your website files like images, contents and cms (wordpress). It is all dedicated storage for your website.

We just need to get access of your domain account and hosting account for us to get started developing your website.

Affordable Hosting Services

Reasons why website here in the Philippines are not yet accepted to people specially for their businesses because It’s expensive and they tend only use Social Media to promote their business.

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